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JCL Acronym of Job Control Language , as the acronym signfies controls and monitors the job activities submitted to the OS Kernel. JCL own the major role in MVS as scheduling, monitoring, controling, alerts , tasking, etc , hence it takes the 60% of the Mainframe usage.
Mainframe environment contain many batch and job scheduling applications that are controlled by JCL. Hence the most crucial task for us here is to develop an environment such the jobs continue to run with ease without hindering the workload. This batch processing environment primarily involves the conversion of JCL statements into shell commands / scripts to monitor the mainframe capabilities with that of Linux which analyzes your JCL for any errors and converts it into a structured script such that it can be executed in Linux.

The JCL is recoded to SHELL SCRIPTING on Linux


Cobol is the primary application language of the legacy system. When considering migration of Mainframe it is mandatory that the migration of its highly structured and well functional code should also be transformed in a way that it works in the new environment without compromising with the security and the functionalities of the code that has run since years.
Migration of cobol involves parsing all the cobol divisions, verbs, call functions, its procedures and converting all of it into functional elements in linux such that the performance level is maintained at the same standard. This transition of abundant data into an open source work item requires a clear understanding of the modules and structure of the source code which is very well adopted and maintained in our tool.


Syncsort plays the major role in Mainframe and TechPierce helps in migrating the stuff to Mainframe Syncsort to Linux based syncsort (DMEXPRESS) to retain the same performance on the target environment. Control Libraries, supporting utilities is migrated to the Linux Based Utilities by our migration tool.

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